Mindfulness, or mindfulness based meditation, is way of cultivating awareness by fully paying attention to everything inside and outside ourselves without judgement or criticism. It is used in the treatment of chronic pain, stress and depression and is an effective counter to negative mind-states and poor impulse control. Beyond its more health-related applications, it has been used for other purposes, including in professional settings, to improve concentration, decision-making skills, empathy, communication, focus and self-confidence.

Joel Orenstein has been practicing meditation for almost 20 years and is a skilled and compassionate teacher of mindfulness as a means both to manage stress and also to improve professional skills. Over the past 10 years he has run regular courses, workshops and retreats for community groups, professionals and the general public.

He writes extensively on mindfulness and his article, The Mindful Lawyer: Meditation and the Practice of Law appeared as the cover story of the July 2011 issue of the Law Institute Journal. He consciously integrates mindfulness practices into his own legal practice and shares his knowledge and experience with others looking for more compassionate, balanced and sustainable ways to harmonise work and life.

In 2012, Joel completed the Mindfulness Based Stress-Management teachers practicum at the University of Pennsylvania, which has been facilitating public mindfulness programs through the medical faculty since 1992.

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