Training Topics

Orenstein provides professional training for organisations and groups in relation to regulatory compliance as well as general legal responsibilities.
Tailor-made workshops include:

o   Duty of Care;

o   Privacy and Access to Health Records;

o   Ethics and Advocacy;

o   Court Reports and court processes;

o   Mandatory Reporting;

o   Subpoenas and appearing in court;

o   Infringements and the infringements process;

o   Indigenous Specific issues, including justice issues and access to services;

o   Mental health and the law;

o   Mediation; and

o   Mindfulness meditation and stress management.

Sessions can include any number of these topics, however other specific topics can also be covered depending upon your organisation’s interests and needs. Sessions may run as either one-off workshops, or as a series, again dependent upon your needs and can be delivered at various sites.